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the holidays (the bright side)
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I was on a sorta list the other day and I was asking people to send me stories that were funny AND had nothing to do with the presidential election.
You see, I just don't care who is president. I vote, always, but I don't put much personal stock in worrying about who is in the White House mostly because I would worry myself sick.
It seems a lot of people are doing that these days.
Life and history happens in cycles.
The best way I can describe it is this:
When I was working weekends at this small newspaper, I had the great fortune of writing people's obituaries. My boyfriend at the time always pestered me to write one for him, but I never did. I am a kill-joy I suppose.
Anyway, after the holidays was always the worst for writing obituaries. You see, psychology says that old people hang on to the last strings of life until after Christmas. I learned that in Junior College.
In Real Life, as an obit writer, I learned that people like to die after Christmas. One WWII vet after the other dropped like flies and the only thing some families could say about them was that they liked to watch TV and play parcheezee.
So what does it all mean? Nothing really. But if you are feeling stressed, thousands of old people probably are too.
In other news, I wish I could find the paper I work for in the city I live in. Friday night me and Roms went to the film festival here but before that we went to a sushi place and a coffee shop. There were no newspapers to be found!


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